Dear Diary

For Dear Diary, I wanted to create a new way of structurally logging a day in my life without using words or written text. Since I have always had trouble with keeping up with my many diaries and agendas throughout my academic life I wanted to know if this is simply a patience problem, or if I don’t connect to written text as much when it comes to logging data.

I set a fairly simple set of rules for myself: Draw a shape that you find interesting every 10 minutes from 9.00 in the morning to 21.00 in the evening and try to draw it as fast as possible, no details, just the outline of a shape.

I used these shapes and made a logbook where you can only know what time I drew the shapes. I also wanted to see if I could use the shapes I drew and build an abstract landscape of my day. That’s when I decided to create 3d versions of the shapes to be able to build new structures. Now the shapes can be used by other people to build their own structures using their own inspiration.